What are the different types of hot tubs?

Posted by Tom Smith

types of hot tubs

So, you’ve decided to look into buying a hot tub? How exciting! There are many hot tub types for you to choose from. In this blog, we’ll let you know the different types of hot tubs.

Buying a hot tub is very exciting. Soon enough, you’ll be relaxing in your very own spa. When choosing a hot tub, it’s very important to do your research. After all, with great care, your spa can last for years to come. Read our hot tub cleaning guide to learn about the chemicals needed.

There are so many benefits of relaxing in a hot tub. Hydrotherapy can support stress relief and reduce muscle aches. Using a hot tub regularly can also help to improve sleep quality. Here are the various types of hot tubs.

Hard-shell hot tubs

Hard-shell hot tubs are the best option for the ultimate relaxation experience. These spas are longer lasting and much more durable compared to alternatives like inflatable hot tubs.

These hot tubs can fit more guests in, making them an excellent addition for families or friendly get-togethers. They are often much deeper hot tubs, too, allowing you to enjoy the relaxation in your whole body through carefully placed massage jets.

We offer a wide range of hard-shell hot tubs for sale. There are plenty of types of hot tubs available for everyone, including square hot tubs, rectangular hot tubs and round hot tubs.

Are you looking for wooden hot tubs? Many of our spa shells can be customised to create the look of a wooden hot tub. Wooden hot tubs are appealing to many people as they may match other items, such as garden furniture. You’ll notice there are more opportunities for these customisations with acrylic hot tubs compared to purchasing an inflatable hot tub.

Hot tubs with speakers

If you love the idea of a hot tub party, then you’ll need a hot tub with Bluetooth speakers. Our hot tubs with Bluetooth speakers are made using the highest quality materials. You can stream music directly from your phone or another device.

With our high-quality speakers, you can enjoy relaxing alone or with friends while listening to your favourite music on repeat. A sound system is a great addition if you’re looking for a little more relaxation from your spa experience.

hot tub with bluetooth speakers

American hot tubs

We stock a wide range of American hot tubs made by Master Spas™, America’s leading hot tub and swim spa manufacturer. These spas are built using the highest quality materials to ensure durability, longevity and a fantastic spa experience.

Master Spas™ create energy-efficient spas, saving you money on running costs, and they most definitely look the part. You can choose from a wide range of sizes for your dream American hot tub.

Large hot tubs for sale

If you’re searching for a large hot tub, then we have plenty to choose from. Our large hot tubs for sale are perfect for bigger families or those who want a little more space.

Generally, the bigger the hot tub, the more seats and hydrotherapy jets you will benefit from. You might even be able to enjoy a couple of loungers too. The perfect hot tub lounger has an ergonomic design, prioritising comfort.

Each large hot tub we sell has been manufactured using energy-efficient insulation. Our Master Spas™ range features Icynene Foam Insulation, which spreads inside the hot tub body to cover all areas and eliminate cold spots. The Platinum range uses a Premium Shield Insulation.

Insulation is a key part of the manufacturing process. All of our spas also come with an insulated cover and cover lifter.

High-quality insulation helps to keep running costs down as your spa is better at retaining heat. Read our blog on ways to keep your hot tub running costs down. You can reduce energy consumption and save money while enjoying your hot tub in many ways.

hard shell hot tubs for sale

13 amp plug-and-play hot tubs

Our 13 amp plug-and-play hot tubs are easy to install, requiring just a waterproof outdoor socket. These spas require less energy to run than some similar spas. Some of these spas have many fancy features, such as LED lighting, ergonomic lounger seating and even Bluetooth speakers. Like others, these can be portable hot tubs as long as you meet the electrical requirements.

Ask us about additional features that can be added to your spa to accelerate your at-home relaxation.

Ex-display hot tubs

All of our ex-showroom hot tubs become available on our website for a lower price. These spas still have the same incredible quality, it’s just that they might have been filled up with water a couple of times before. You could save yourself lots of money by considering one of our ex-display hot tubs.

Portable hot tub

All of our spas are portable hot tubs to an extent. Generally, once you decide on a spot for your spa, you should try and leave it there. Choosing a spot for your hot tub is important, and we can offer advice if you need it.

Your tub must be placed on a level, solid base and must be able to meet the electrical requirements. We will outline the requirements for your chosen spa before delivery. An in-ground hot tub would be much harder to move.

swim spa types

Swim spas

Swim spas really do give you the best of both worlds. You can be enjoying some water-based exercise one minute and then soak into relaxation the next. Some of our swim spas feature two sections, so you can have heated water for relaxing and cooler water in the exercise pool.

Our swim spas in Scotland offer endless possibilities, and there will definitely be enough room for all of your guests in your new swim spa swimming pool! Your in-ground pool will be a hit with guests.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a great heating source for your spa. We have many models that are compatible and can quickly increase your water temperature without costing you the earth.

We hope this blog on the different types of hot tubs has been useful. We offer a wide range of hot tubs, so there’s something for everyone! The best part is that you can enjoy hot tubbing all year round! Contact us if you need any support choosing your luxury hot tub, our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to help. We offer a range of hot tub brands.