Hot Tub Delivery Requirements

When you buy a hot tub from Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs you can be assured of professional installation by one of our in-house installation teams.

Our technicians are factory trained in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of our hot tubs. Each hot tub comes complete with free mainland delivery and commissioning. This means our technicians will get your hot tub into position,. The hot tub is then filled with fresh water and then we carry out the required checks. Finally we give you an easy to understand course on how to operate and maintain your new hot tub. 

Your hot tub will be bubbling away before our technicians leave. The complete installation service from start to finish and included with every hot tub.

Installation Video

We deliver our hot tubs using a Spa Dolly. An American system specifically designed for the delivery and installation of hot tubs. The Spa Dolly tips the hot tub onto its side on the spa cart which has steering front and rear to allow our technicians to wheel your hot tub into position on its side. 

We then inflate an airbag, push the hot tub onto the airbag which then deflates and gently lowers the hot tub to the base provided. We have a fleet of trucks, vans and Spa Dolly’s covering Scotland 5 day per week.

Delivery Access Requirements

We require a clear run of around 1 metre wide from the roadside to the final position of your hot tub. When measuring please take into account gate posts, steps, over hanging fascias, boiler flues etc that may foul the access route. lf you think you may have an issue with the access route please feel free to email photos to One of installation team will have a look and advise the best way around the problem.

Hot Tub Base Requirements

All of our hot tubs feature an Everlast tough one piece ABS self supporting plastic base. This spreads the weight evenly over the whole area of the hot tub. This allows our hot tubs to be placed straight on to any firm, flat and level base with slabs, concrete and decking all being suitable bases. lt is very important that your base is flat as a twist in the base will put extra strain on the shell of the hot tub.

When planning where to position a hot tub you ideally want to have around 50cm clearance all the way around the hot tub. Giving you access to operate the cover lifter and for cleaning. This will also allow our engineers access to every component of the hot tub should any servicing ever be required. 

lf you are planning to have decking around your hot tub this is not a problem but please ensure the 50cm of decking around the hot tub is completely removable. 

This is often achieved by fixing decking boards in panels and using ‘joist hangers’ which are brackets that the joists are just placed into meaning they are easily removable.

Electrical Requirements

lnformation for 13amp power supplies:

Our Signature 3, Signature 4, Escape 3, Escape Compact, Escape Family and Escape 8 models can all run on a 13amp supply. A 13amp plug and play hot tub will require a RCD protected socket to be situated 3 metres away from the hot tub. The hot tub will come complete with a cable and plug attached, ready to plug in.

lnformation for 32amp power supplies:

A 32amp power supply will require a RCD protected cable with a type C breaker is required. This is to run to a commando socket located around 3 metres away from your hot tub. We also require the commando plug to be pre wired to SY Flex cable leaving an 8 metre tail. This extra long tail is to allow for the perfect siting of your hot tub.

lnformation for 40 amp power supplies: (Phelps Models Only)

A 40amp power supply will require an RCD protected cable. This requires a type C breaker to be run to a rotary isolator switch around 3 meters away from the hot tub. We then require an 8 metre tail in SY Flex cable – pre-wired to the isolator. Please note; the long tail is required to allow perfect siting and orientation of the hot tub.

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