How much can you save with a hot tub heat pump?

Posted by Tom Smith

How much can you save with a hot tub heat pump

Owning a hot tub is amazing! Your hot tub is always there waiting for you when you need some time to relax. In this blog, we’re answering the question, how much can you save with a hot tub heat pump?

Whether you’ve recently purchased your hot tub or you’ve had it for a while, it’s good to keep up with new trends and advancements. Heat pumps have received a lot of attention recently, especially when used alongside a luxury hot tub.

What is a heat pump?

There are a few different types of heat pumps on the market. One of the most popular energy-efficient options is an air-source heat pump. Air source heat pumps are commonly used alongside hot tubs for many reasons.

Heat pumps are small units that sit alongside your hot tub. The units take in the ambient air, heat it and then use it to warm up the hot tub. Of course, the higher the ambient air temperature, the less heating is necessary by the air-source heat pump.

The heat pump that’s right for you might depend on the hot tub you have purchased. You’ll need to ensure that the heat pump is powerful enough for the size of your hot tub. View our large hot tubs for sale and read our blog on what size hot tub to choose.

Remember that the bigger the hot tub, the higher the water capacity and the more it will take to heat up the water. We’ll help you decide which heat pump best suits your hot tub model. Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating systems.

Our team can advise you on how much energy output your system will need to heat your hot tub or swim spa and encourage energy savings. Do you like the idea of an American hot tub? Take a look!

How does an air source heat pump work?

Heat pumps are smart and innovative, helping you to save money and still use your hot tub to your heart’s content! Essentially, heat pumps work in the same way as air conditioning units, but just the other way around.

Air source heat pumps take in the ambient air, then add it to the circuit, which uses eco-friendly gas. After this, a compressor heats the gas to a much higher temperature. This high-temperature gas is then transferred to the water by a heat exchanger before turning back into a liquid, entering the evaporator and repeating the process.

This process allows your hot tub water to become warm and helps to retain the temperature inside the spa. The process is much quicker than waiting for the spa to heat up by itself, making it more efficient.

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How much can you save with a hot tub heat pump?

Heat pumps are a fantastic investment for your hot tub. Many hot tub owners find they can save up to 65% on heating costs by using an air-source heat pump! Hot tubs and air-source heat pumps can be used year-round to reduce running costs.

With increased energy bills and uncertainty remaining, many people are looking for ways to save money. Read our blog on ways to keep your hot tub running costs down.

Heat pumps can help you to save money in many ways. They are also commonly used to heat homes, commercial buildings, swimming pools and swim spas in Scotland.

So, how much will you save with an air-source heat pump? Well, that depends on many factors, such as the size of your hot tub and how much time you spend in it. However, the good news is that you can definitely save money.

One of the best ways to save money on a hot tub is to use a good-quality hot tub cover. Hot tub covers should be checked regularly for splits. Additionally, you may find it best to leave the hot tub on standby at a consistent temperature rather than turn it off when you’re not using it.

We can provide customers with estimated running costs for your spa, but these will depend on other factors. Your energy tariff, typical weather conditions (wind chill can affect the water temperature), and hot tub usage are just some of the factors you’ll also need to consider.

All of our spas are extremely energy efficient due to great quality insulation. Our Master Spas™ range has also been tested by the California Energy Commission (CEC), which uses strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Innovative insulation can help to reduce heat loss and energy costs.

Which hot tub heat pump is right for me?

The right heat pump for your spa depends on your priorities. Firstly, we’ll need to ensure that the heat pump is compatible with your spa and that it is powerful enough to heat your spa water. This will allow you to experience the full benefits of the heat pump.

All of the hot tub heat pumps that we supply are built to have a very low noise output. Our Aqua Intel model operates with 43 dB of noise. This is far less than moderate rainfall and a conversation. However, if you want even less noise output, you should look at the Mr Silence model, which operates at 40 dB.

Both of these air-source heat pump models are fantastic options, with many features and silent systems. Both models work from either -5 or -10 up to 40 degrees. You should avoid using your spa over 40 degrees due to the risk of overheating. Remember to use hot tubs safely by not spending too much time in them either.

Both of our heat pump options use built-in WiFi systems, making them easier to control. This allows you to alter the temperature of your spa water at any time from anywhere – providing that you have a WiFi connection. Check out our hot tubs with Bluetooth speakers.

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Installing heat pumps for hot tubs

Here are the basic delivery requirements for your air source heat pump. Our experienced team will advise you and support you through the process.

  • The heat pump will be installed between 500mm and 1 metre away from the spa.
  • The air-source heat pump will need to be plumbed into your spa.
  • You must ensure the spa and pump are placed on a solid, level surface.
  • The air source heat pump will need a 13 amp RCD-protected socket within 2 metres of its location.

Our installation prices include fitting the heat pump and installing any pipework and insulated pipe lagging.

Heat pumps are a fantastic addition to your spa set-up that can really help you to save money. You can save up to 65% on your heating costs by installing a heat pump within your spa system. Say goodbye to high swim spa and hot tub heating bills! Read more about the best hot tub accessories.

We hope this blog has been useful regarding hot tub heat pumps. Our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions you have and debunk any common hot tub myths. Contact us for advice or more information on these incredible air-source heat pumps. It’s time to start saving money when using your hot tub! Check out our ultimate guide to buying a hot tub and our ex-display hot tubs.