Common hot tub myths

Posted by Tom Smith

common hot tub myths

It’s a good idea to do some research before buying a hot tub, but you should be wary of where the information is coming from. Reputable hot tub companies will offer more valuable information to help you as a hot tub owner. In this blog, we’re debunking some common hot tub myths.

Buying a hot tub is a fantastic decision as there are so many hot tub benefits to enjoy. You’ll be able to add a relaxing hot tub experience into your daily routine, which can help to reduce stress and promote better sleep.

You must ensure that you buy a hot tub from a reputable supplier. Many people find hot tubs for cheap and find they don’t work efficiently, cost a lot to run or don’t include things like delivery. It’s very important that you do research into these things and establish what’s included in your hot tub price. It can also help to buy from a local hot tub store so that you have somewhere to help with any issues.

Hot tub myths

Hot tubs cost a lot of money to run

Some cheap hot tubs can cost a lot to run as they have not used efficient insulation during the manufacturing process. You should look into insulation when buying a new hot tub. A great quality hot tub retailer will be honest about the spa’s insulation.

All the hot tubs that we supply have fantastic insulation inside. Our Master Spas™ range contains Icynene insulation, which expands inside the hot tub to eliminate cold spots – take a look at our American hot tubs. This helps to ensure that all areas of the tub are protected by great-quality insulation. Our Platinum Spas range features a Platinum Premium Shield to ensure great hot tub efficiency.

A hot tub with good insulation shouldn’t cost you the earth to run. To make things easier for you, we include all estimated running costs on our website, specific to each hot tub model (based on average hot tub use). We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have. Find out how much you can save with a hot tub heat pump.

hot tub myths

Hot tubs require a lot of maintenance

Hot tubs are pretty easy to run, and they don’t require constant maintenance – this is a typical hot tub myth. At first, caring for your hot tub might seem like hard work, but as you become more experienced, things do become more simple. The main thing to remember with hot tubs is that all maintenance is done to keep you safe while using the tub and increase the spa’s longevity.

Hot tub water balancing is an important part of caring for your spa. This process includes adding suitable water chemicals and testing the water throughout. You have to be careful not to add too many hot tub chemicals. Testing strips can be used to ensure that the hot tub water is safe and that you’ve reached the correct chemical balance.

Hot tubs only require a deep clean every few months unless they are particularly dirty. A deep clean means draining the spa, cleaning, and refilling it. You can stick to a 3-month schedule with this if you maintain good cleaning throughout. This might mean regularly wiping the hot tub shell and ensuring the water line is free from grease and other marks. A microfibre cloth can be used for wiping your hot tub.

You should check the hot tub’s filtration system if your water becomes dirty. You may require a replacement hot tub filter or hot tub pump. Your hot tub’s filters reduce the risk of dirt travelling around the spa. You have to check hot tub filters regularly and clean them using hot water.

You can also maintain the water by using a hot tub cover. A hot tub cover can also make your hot tub more energy efficient by maintaining the water temperature. Take a look at our shop for everything you need, from pool chlorine tablets to pillows to give you an even better massage.

You need loads of hot tub jets

Hot tubs are carefully crafted items, which means every aspect has been thought about for the best results. Many believe the hot tub myth that you get a better hot tub experience with more jets, but that’s not actually the case. The jets are placed where they can give you a great hot tub massage. The number of jets will vary depending on the size of the hot tub you choose.

You’ll usually find hot tub jets positioned to massage the back, legs and feet to relieve pressure points. You can use the jets as much as you like while inside your spa. Find out if hot tubs help sore muscles.

Too many jets can lead to a severely underpowered massage which can be disappointing and won’t offer you the benefits of a targeted massage. More jets not only lower massage quality but can also impact your spa’s energy efficiency. View our rectangular hot tubs.

hot tub jet myths

You should always turn your hot tub off after use

When you should turn your hot tub off depends on your usage. It’s a hot tub myth that you should definitely turn it off after each use. It can be more cost-effective to leave the hot tub running at a lower temperature when it’s not in use. This is because the hot tub doesn’t need to power up from nothing when you do want to use it again.

The only time it’s definitely better to turn off the spa is when you know you won’t be using it for a long time, which doesn’t apply to many people. We recommend that you leave it turned on at a lower temperature so that it’s always ready for when you fancy a little bit of relaxation.

Hot tubs are too expensive

Hot tubs are a fantastic investment for you and your family. They can provide so many benefits, both mentally and physically. To help make your dream hot tub more affordable, why not take a look at our finance options?

Hot tubs can help to improve your well-being, sleep, physical health and even your social life too! There are so many amazing reasons to get a hot tub. Take a look at our wide range of hot tubs for sale in Glasgow and the finance options we can offer you.

hot tub myths debunked

Spending more on a better quality hot tub means you’ll save money in the long run when using the hot tub. You can assess how much energy each spa uses on our website. Check out our hard-shell hot tubs and large hot tubs for sale.

We hope this blog has been helpful regarding common hot tub myths. Our expert team are here to help you through the hot tub buying process and after purchasing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help.