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Posted by Tom Smith

our hot tub cleaning guide

When preparing to purchase a new hot tub, you also need to consider the maintenance that comes with it. However, caring for your hot tub doesn’t need to be difficult when you follow a great hot tub cleaning guide.

How often do I need to clean my hot tub?

You should do your best to keep your hot tub clean all of the time. This might mean you need to wipe the hot tub’s shell with a damp cloth to ensure that there are no water line marks. Additionally, you should ensure that there is no debris in the water. Some hot tub owners use a small net to catch debris.

Debris can enter your hot tub easily, either off someone’s feet or when the wind is higher. One way to reduce the amount of debris in your hot tub water is by using a good-quality cover. A hot tub cover should be used whenever you’re not using the spa. Using a cover may also reduce running costs as your spa may retain heat better.

How often should you deep clean your hot tub?

Deep cleaning your hot tub is very different to just giving it a wipe after use. A deep clean means completely draining your spa. After cleaning, you can refill the spa and test the water.

You should conduct a deep clean of your hot tub at least four times a year. Many hot tub owners choose to create a hot tub maintenance schedule, and complete deep cleans as the seasons change. Our hot tub cleaning guide will tell you everything you need to know to keep your spa looking brand new. A common hot tub myth is that you should deep clean your spa more often than four times a year.

Hot tub maintenance and cleaning process

You’ll first need to turn off the hot tub, then you can start to drain the water. When your spa is empty, you can use a good quality, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the inner hot tub shell. View our hard-shell hot tubs for sale.

Once you are confident that the spa is clean, you can start refilling it. Once your spa is full again, you must test the water and chemical levels. Water testing is easy to complete using our test strips. You could even purchase a floating dispenser to slowly release chemicals into the water.

The strips test for a range of hot tub chemicals, including chlorine, total alkalinity and your hot tub’s pH level. These are all chemicals that you must balance in your spa. The testing strip container will give you an indication of the optimum level of each chemical.

Adding more chemicals

If your hot tub’s water is outside the ideal range for any of these chemicals, you’ll need to add either an increaser or a decreaser. We recommend adding chemicals in very small increments. Adding too much chlorine or other chemical means you’ll have to drain and refill the hot tub again. It’s important that you maintain the optimum hot tub water chemistry. As time goes on, you will find it easier to deal with hot tub water balancing.

hot tub maintenance and cleaning

Hot tub maintenance: pipes

At least once a year, we recommend using a hot tub flush to clean your pipes. This should be added when the spa is still full. You should ensure that no one uses the hot tub when the flush is in the water. It’s best to wear gloves when cleaning hot tubs to reduce the risk of any skin irritation.

Spa chemicals are important as they help to keep the water clean and kill bacteria. Our online shop has a wide range of hot tub equipment. In some cases, you may be able to use bromine granules, but chlorine granules are usually recommended. You can also use chlorine tablets as a chemical cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you add chemicals, so you don’t damage your hot tub.

How to care for a hot tub cover

Your spa cover has an important role. It is responsible for stopping excess dirt from entering the hot tub’s water. Due to this, it’s crucial that you check the cover over regularly for cuts or splits. Damage could lead to your cover not working to its full potential.

We recommend using our Shine and Protect spray on your hot tub cover and any pillows you have. This will help to keep them looking their best.

How to keep hot tub water clear

Occasionally, you may experience cloudy or discoloured water in your hot tub. Some people also notice excessive foam. This hot tub foam is often caused by washing powder on bathing suits or shower gels on the skin’s surface.

In some cases, you may need to empty and refill the hot tub to solve this problem. Others may be able to use Foamaway, which is suitable for a small amount of foaming on the surface of the water.

Dull water

We can understand why you wouldn’t want to experience cloudy water in your spa, after all, guests probably won’t fancy hopping in either. Our sparkle clarifier can be used to reduce dull and cloudy water.

You should read all the instructions carefully before adding any cleaning products to your spa’s water. Our team are always happy to help if you’re unsure about water care.

Upon installation of all hot tubs, we ensure that customers have all of the knowledge they need to care for their spa and use it safely. If you notice dirty hot tub water, it’s best to empty the spa for a clean hot tub.

how to keep hot tub water clear

How do you clean a hot tub filter?

Hot tub filters trap dirt as it circulates through the spa. Due to this, you must check the filter regularly. You should ensure the spa is turned off before you remove the filter.

Hot tub cleaning guide: hot tub filter cartridges

Once removed, run warm water over the filter to remove dirt and debris. Once clear, check the filter over for any cuts or damage. You’ll need to ensure the filter is completely dry before replacing it in the spa. You can order a new hot tub filter if you notice that yours is damaged.

Some hot tub owners find it easier to have a spare filter so that they can swap them over when one is being cleaned.

If you’re using the spa a lot, you may want to rinse the filter a couple of times per week. This will help to ensure that your hot tub is working to its full potential.

How often should I test my hot tub water

How often should I test my spa water?

You should always test the water after refilling your hot tub, but that’s not the only time. Ideally, you would test your water a couple of times per week if you regularly use the spa and before every use to ensure your water is safe.

Most of the time, you may find that your water is balanced correctly, but if for some reason it isn’t, you will need to take the necessary actions.

We hope this hot tub cleaning guide has been helpful to you and that you’re enjoying your hot tub! There are so many amazing benefits of using a hot tub.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about maintaining your hot tub spa, our team are always happy to help. We recommend sticking to a spa maintenance schedule. Don’t forget to check out our online shop for spa equipment. View our American hot tubs, large hot tubs and ex-display hot tubs.