Are American hot tubs worth it?

Posted by Tom Smith

Are American hot tubs worth it

So, you’re thinking about buying a new hot tub, but maybe you’re wondering is it worth it? In this blog, we’re going to answer the question, are American hot tubs worth it? Keep on reading to find out!

Hot tubs are an amazing item to own, and there are so many benefits to using one. Of course, we understand that hot tubs are also a luxury item to own. Hot tub cons are very few and far between.

American hot tubs

There are many hot tub brands out there, but some are definitely better than others. One of the best hot tub brands is Master Spas™. If you’re looking into American hot tubs, then Master Spas™ are a great option.

Master Spas™ are manufactured in the USA, and we supply them to Scotland and beyond. They are the world’s largest swim spa and hot tub manufacturer and have been operating for over 25 years.

How are Master Spas™ built?

The hot tubs and swim spas from Master Spas™ are built with longevity in mind. Each spa is carefully crafted using high-quality materials to ensure that they last and can withstand use.

Not only are their products robust and long-lasting, but they also look great. Master Spas™ manufactures hard shell hot tubs with various shell colours available. This allows you to select the perfect hard-shell hot tub colour for your space.

In addition to customising your outer shell, you can also select from a range of additional extras, such as Wi-Fi modules and more.

What can I expect from my American hot tub?

American hot tubs are built extremely well, and they come with some fantastic features to enhance your spa experience. Master Spas™ create comfortable seating with powerful, targeted massage jets to help you relax even more.

Powerful jets provide many benefits, such as giving you a massage and relieving aches and pains. These are just some of the benefits of regular hot tub use. Check out these key hot tub benefits.

The full details of what you can expect from your spa depend on your chosen model. We have a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas available to suit all requirements.

We recommend making a list of all the features you would like and then seeing which hot tubs might be best suited for you. If you’re still not sure which hot tub is right for you, our friendly team will be very happy to help you with tips on buying a hot tub.

Are American hot tubs worth it?

Yes – American hot tubs are definitely worth it! Here are some of the reasons why.

Energy efficient – LOW energy costs

The high-quality materials used within the manufacturing process mean that these American hot tubs are very energy efficient. Full foam insulation means that you’ll spend less money on hot tub running costs than you would on cheaper alternatives.

We like to be transparent with our customers, so we are happy to provide all estimated running costs for each spa we offer. We’re also happy to provide tips on how to keep your running costs down. Here are just a few.

  • Use a high-quality insulated cover – supplied with all of our spas, along with delivery and installation
  • Leave the hot tub on standby rather than turning it off after each use – keeps the hot tub water warm
  • Consider purchasing a heat pump – heats hot tub water very fast, even in cold weather

There are many more ways that you can reduce your hot tub’s running costs year-round.

Master Spas™ hot tubs exceed the strict standards set out by the Californian Energy Commission (CEC), which contributes to their low running costs.

Appealing design

Master Spas™ hot tubs look great. They have a simple yet classy design that will definitely be a talking point in any garden or home.

Alternatives, such as inflatable hot tubs or cheap hot tubs, are often not available for customisations and won’t look as luxurious. Additionally, inflatable spas will not offer the same longevity and energy efficiency and can, therefore, end up costing you more.

Mental benefits

Being able to take time out for yourself is so important. With your own hot tub, you can do just that whenever you want to. You can start your day with a morning soak or end the day relaxing before bed.

Hot tubs can help to reduce some stress hormones, which can leave you feeling more relaxed and happier.

They’re also a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, providing you with social benefits too.

Physical health benefits

If you’re someone who experiences aches and pains, a hot tub may help to alleviate some of your symptoms. Additionally, hot tubs can be good for those suffering from arthritis and can relieve sore muscles after exercise.

If you have a health condition, it’s very important to seek medical advice from a doctor before you start using a hot tub. They can advise you on whether it is safe for you.

Fantastic prices with finance available

Our hot tubs are available for fantastic prices. If you’d prefer to spread the cost, you can! We have excellent finance deals available, and you can read more about these on each product page. It’s important to consider the hot tub cost when choosing a quality tub.

Cheap tubs are often not worth their price, and you should always use a reputable dealer.

We also have an online shop selling a range of spa pool chemicals so that you can take care of the ongoing maintenance of your hot tub. Read our hot tub cleaning guide for more information on regular maintenance and ongoing costs.

We hope this blog has answered the question, is a hot tub worth it? We certainly think so! Are you ready to get your hands on a new hot tub? Then contact our friendly team – we’re more than happy to help.