What are the effects of hot tubs on the body?

Posted by Tom Smith

Relaxing in a hot tub has so many benefits for the body. It’s very important that you use your hot tub safely to get the maximum benefit from it. In this blog, we’re looking into the effects of hot tubs on the body.

There’s not much better than a hot tub soak at the end of a long day. Hot tubs are a luxury item to own. They can provide fun for you, your family and even your friends. They’re an excellent addition for garden parties and get-togethers.

Do you sweat in a hot tub?

There are many factors that can influence whether or not you sweat when inside a hot tub. If you do find yourself sweating a little, there’s usually no need to panic. Remember to take regular breaks and stay hydrated.

Two of the main factors for sweating in a hot tub are the amount of time you spend in there and the temperature that you have it set to. Generally, you should spend no longer than 30 minutes in a hot tub before having a break. You should also ensure that the hot tub temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Turning down the water temperature a couple of degrees can help to make your hot tub experience safer.

Why do you sweat in a hot tub?

Hot tubs are usually warmer than the ambient air. This means that they often increase body temperature. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down, which means it’s completely natural to sweat in these circumstances.

Is it safe to use a hot tub?

Most people can use a hot tub safely; however, some may need to consult with a doctor first regarding any health risks. There are some safety tips that you should adhere to, such as not spending too much time in a hot tub without breaks and ensuring that your body is hydrated.

Staying hydrated in a hot tub is essential, as failing to do so could leave you feeling dizzy or developing a headache. Water is the most hydrating drink that has many other health benefits too.

If you suffer from a health condition, it’s best to ask your doctor before using a hot tub. They can assess your condition and any medication you are taking before giving you accurate advice.

Pregnant women and young children should avoid using hot tubs. Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using a hot tub. These groups, and some others, should avoid hot tubs due to the risk of overheating and increased blood pressure.

do you sweat in a hot tub

What are the effects of hot tubs on the body?

Spending time in a hot tub safely can have many positive effects on the body, and they can definitely promote relaxation. Here are just some of the ways that they can help.

Helps the body to relax and provides stress relief

We all need to relax every now and again; otherwise, we run the risk of becoming burnt out. Soaking in hot water is a great way to get away from distractions and take some time out for yourself. Whether it means putting down your phone or switching off from daily stresses, this time out is very important.

Hot water immersion alone can help the body relax, but when it comes to spas, many additional features can contribute to your relaxation too. These can include LED lights, massage jets and even speakers so you can listen to your favourite music on repeat.

Improves circulation

If you suffer from poor circulation, you should check with a doctor that using a hot tub will be safe for you. Relaxing in hot water means that your blood vessels dilate, making blood flow easier around the body.

Better circulation can result in better cardiovascular health. During hot tub use, blood flow becomes easier with no additional pressure on the heart.

Speak to a doctor if you have higher or lower blood pressure – they may advise that it’s best to avoid hot tub therapy.

Burns calories

Being in a hot tub with massage jets on can help you to burn calories. Additionally, if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and exercise, why not consider a swim spa? Swim spas offer the best of both worlds, and you can complete a range of exercises within one.

When you’ve finished your workout, you can head to the relaxation area!

Improves sleep quality

Being more relaxed and having a positive mood can lead to improved sleep. You’ll find that a hot tub is a great way to relax and improve your mood.

Soaking in a hot tub before bed can help you get to sleep quicker and assist you with staying asleep throughout the night. Sleep is very important and affects many areas of our lives. More restful sleep can help to improve mental health and well-being.

Pain and muscle tension relief

Many people find that hot tubs can help them with pain relief. If you’re suffering from long-term pains, you’ll need to chat with a medical professional before using a hot tub.

For those who find themselves experiencing tight muscles and aches as a result of exercise, using a hot tub can be very beneficial. Using hot tub jets on aching areas can help to aid recovery.

Be sure to speak to a medical professional regarding joint pain or issues such as chronic back pain, as hot water therapy may not be the best option.

Quick tips for safe hot tub use

  • Ensure hot tub water is clean – hot tubs can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria
  • Wear a safe bathing suit that’s not too hot
  • Be mindful of chemical use to avoid skin irritation, such as a hot tub rash
  • Avoid relaxing in very hot water; instead, use warm water

Regular hot tub use has many health benefits and positive effects on the body. To maximise the hot tub benefits, it’s very important that you use the spa safely. Follow all hot tub safety tips given to you by the manufacturer and any medical professionals.

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