Use up to 78% less Chlorine or Bromine!!

Safe: O-Care can reduce the amount of Chlorine or Bromine needed by up to 78%. Chemicals can irritate eyes, ears and skin so O-Care is especially safe for children who love to go underwater.

Soft: Your skin will feel soft and smell very nice. The mixture of high quality mineral salts will leave your skin feeling soft and odorless. No need to shower after bathing.

Simple: Just add the 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included. A box of O-Care will last 3 to 5 months depending on the water volume of the hot tub.

Benefits of Using O-Care

  • Removes and prevents sediment build up in the hot tub plumbing
  • Makes the water extremely soft
  • Decrease’s component wear
  • Makes water balancing much easier
  • Makes your skin soft
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals needed

O-Care Subscription

  • £84.90 per box when bought individually
  • Save £5 per box and only pay £79.90 per box when you subscribe
  • Free box of O-Care on sign up (worth £84.90)
  • Free automatic delivery direct to your door
  • Cancel your subscription at any time

Free Water Maintenance App

  • Available for iPhone and Android Devices
  • Free to download and gives you 24/7 access to water care support
  • Diagnose the 8 most common water problems,
  • Step-by-step guides with short answers and videos
  • Set personalised reminders for weekly maintenance and water refills
  • Buy all your replacement chemicals, filters and O-Care direct from our app