Jolly Gel Water Clarifier *New*


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Jolly Gel Water Clarifier *New*

Jolly Gel Water Clarifier *New*

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Jolly Gel Water Clarifier *New*

These specially formulated easy to use gel pods will dissolve slowly over 3-4 weeks, therefore helping to keep your water clear.

Jolly gel  is a flocculent, which removes ultra fine particles in the water by making them stick together. After that they become easier for the filter to remove.

Simply remove the labels from the holder, then place the holder with the gel cube inside the filter tray area of your hot tub.

Please note: if you cannot see the product you are looking for please contact us on 01382 530220. Here at Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs we like to ensure our customers needs are catered for, our focus is to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the service we provide.


Jolly Gel Water Clarifier *New*

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