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Escape 5

Plug & Play At It's Very best!
£ 4,495
  • Economically Friendly
  • Very spacious hot tub
  • Super simple to use

About Plug & Play Hot Tubs

Plug & Play spas are a fairly modern hot tub format offering a low power, high luxury alternative to the traditional 32AMP hot tub.  

The great news is that lower power at the plug doesn’t necessarily mean LESS power at the jets. The pump is just the same. The only trade off with 13AMP hot tub is that the jets cannot be on full power at the same time as the heater. Which is hardly a problem in real world use. 

Plug and play tubs are a genuinely great way to add year-round luxury to your garden without breaking the bank. 

Escape 8 Hot Tub

Our Plug & Play : 13amp Hot Tubs


The most beneficial thing about our plug and play range of spas is how cheap they are to run. With a lower power supply and great insulation plug and play models are becoming more and more popular for all the right reasons.


No need for a full dedicated 32 AMP power supply with all thw RCD trimmings. A plug and play hot tub simply needs an outdoor waterproof plug. A relatively small expense in comparison.


Plug and play hot tubs are rotationally moulded. Each shell is a single piece of extremely tough resin that can take all weathers for years on end. The warranty is testimony to how strong these tubs are

13 AMP Spas Are Simply Stunning

Here on demo is the “The Escape Family”. A very popular plug and play hot tub. have a closer look with our product video. 

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