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Main Hot Tub Features

Super Comfy
Seating Design.

Our hot tub shells are made using the latest moulding technology. This technology allows the creation of seat designs that are built for maximum comfort and hydrotherapy benefit. You will be hard pushed to find anything near the level of comfort and relaxation found within our hot tubs.

Multi Coloured
LED Lightshow.

The Breeze hot tub has colour changing LED mood lighting, a single main spot light brings this hot tub to life at night. Can be set to colour change or stay on one colour. The hot tub shell glows in a truly spectacular display of therapeutic atmosphere that will relax and amaze.

Energy Efficiency.

The Breeze exceeds the strict standards set by the CEC: Californian Energy Commission. Very few spas, or indeed manufacturers, are able to meet these exacting standards which translate to super-efficient energy retention values and low daily running costs.

Over £1100 Worth
of Extras Included Free!.

The Breeze comes with over £1100 of extras free.
Free Mainland Installation Worth £299.00
Bluetooth Speaker Worth £39.99
Free Cover Worth £449.95
Free Cover Lifter Worth £149.00
Free Spa Steps Worth £99.95
Free Chemical Kit Worth £105.00

Manufacturer Warranty.

The Breeze comes with an outstanding manufacturer's warranty and after care service.
The warranty on the Breeze is
5 Year shell warranty
2 Year No Leak warranty
2 Year Components warranty
2 Year Labour warranty

A Hot Tub Built
By a Global leader

The Signature Range is a partnership between Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs and global leading manufacturer Watkins based in Vista, California, USA. Having produced over 1 million hot tubs our global leading partner provides unsurpassed quality and long-term reliability for you and your family.


10 reasons to choose Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs

  1. Our hot tubs are built by two global leading hot tub manufacturers, Master Spas Manufacturing, USA and Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs manufacturing which is a partnership between ourselves and Watkins, a global leading manufacturer based in Vista, California, USA. This partnership gives you piece of mind knowing you are buying a quality, energy efficient product designed for our climate that has been built by the best.
  2. We are a well established company and have been supplying quality hot tubs throughout Scotland for over 10 years.
  3. 0% Interest free finance available on all models with no deposit required. You can also put a deposit down to get the right monthly payment to suit you.
  4. No hidden charges - every hot tub is fully installed by our in house technicians and each tub comes complete with over £950 worth of extras free!
  5. For non finance sales we only require a £95 deposit to reserve your tub and installation date with the balance only being due when our team arrive on the day of installation.
  6. Large Showroom open 7 days a week with every model on display for you to view along with a wide range of chemicals and accessories
  7. Our technical support lines are open 6 days a week and we have a technical support website with watercare videos, the answers to our most common questions and much more. Customers can visit this anytime and anywhere for piece of mind.
  8. We have a fleet of vans covering Scotland daily with each van fully stocked with parts meaning any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  9. Our purpose built online chemical store allows you to order all your chemicals and accessories in the future easily and quickly with next day delivery when possible.
  10. Our customers rate our service as 5 star on independant review platform Feefo and in 2018 we were chosen for the Gold Trusted Service award for excellent customer service.

The Breeze is proudly manufactured by Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs Manufacturing

Our Signature range is a partnership between ourselves and Watkins Manufacturing, Vista, California, USA. Watkins are the most experienced hot tub manufacturer in the world and were the first company to manufacture and distribute over 1,000,000 hot tubs. Founded in 1977 they can only be described as fanatical about hot tubs and when you see the build quality of our Signature range you know you are looking at products that are built from working knowledge with a standard that will last the test of time.


Free mainland delivery and commissioning on every hot tub.

When you buy a hot tub from Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs you can be assured of professional installation by one of our in-house installation teams. All of our technicians are factory trained in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of our hot tubs and each hot tub we sell comes complete with free mainland delivery and commissioning, meaning our technicians will get your hot tub into position, fill the hot tub, carry out the required checks before giving you an easy to understand course on how to operate and maintain your new hot tub. Your hot tub will be bubbling away before our technicians leave your home. The complete installation service from start to finish and included with every hot tub.

How we deliver and install our hot tubs.

We deliver our hot tubs using a Spa Dolly which is an American system specifically designed for the delivery and installation of hot tubs. The Spa Dolly tips the hot tub onto its side on the spa cart which has steering front and rear to allow our technicians to wheel your hot tub into position on its side. We then inflate an airbag, push the hot tub onto the airbag which then deflates and gently lowers the hot tub to the base provided. We have a fleet of trucks, vans and Spa Dolly's covering Scotland 5 day per week.

Delivery Access Requirements.

We require a clear run of around 1 metre wide from the roadside to the final position of your hot tub. when measuring please take into account gate posts, steps, over hanging fascias, boiler flues etc that may foul the access route. lf you think you may have an issue with the access route please feel free to email photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of intallation team will have a look and advise the best way around the problem.

Hot Tub Base Requirements

All of our hot tubs feature an Everlast tough one piece ABS self supporting plastic base which spreads the weight evenly over the whole area of the hot tub. This allows our hot tubs to be placed straight on to any firm, fiat and level base with slabs, concrete and decking all being suitable bases. lt is very important that your base is fiat as a twist in the base will put extra strain on the shell of the hot tub.

When planning where to position a hot tub you ideally want to have around 50cm clearance all the way around the hot tub to allow you access to operate the cover lifter and for cleaning. This will also allow our engineers access to every component of the hot tub should any servicing ever be required. lf you are planning to have decking around your hot tub this is not a problem but please ensure the 50cm of decking around the hot tub is completely removable. This is often achieved by fixing the decking boards with screws and using ‘joist hangers’ which are brackets that the joists are just placed into meaning they are easily removable.

Electrical Requirements.

The Breeze is available in either 13amp plug and play or 32amp power supplies. There is no difference in the actual hot tub it just how the tub is configured to suit the power supply provided. If a 13amp supply is provided the heater will automatically switch off when the pump is switched to high speed. The heater will not be affected when the pump is on low speed. The performance of the pump is not affected by a 13amp or 32amp supply. This is the case with all 13amp hot tubs, however if a 32amp supply is provided the heater and high speed pump can operate together.

Information for 13amp power supplies:

A 13amp plug and play hot tub will require a RCD protected socket to be situated 3 metres away from the hot tub. The hot tub will come complete with a cable and plug attached, ready to plug in.

Information for 32amp power supplies:

A 32amp power supply will require a RCD protected cable with a type C breaker to be be run to a commando socket located around 3 metres away from your hot tub. We also require the commando plug to be pre wired to SY Flex cable leaving an 8 metre tail. This extra long tail is to allow for the perfect siting of your hot tub.

A 13amp hot tub can easily be configured to run on a 32amp supply at any point in the future. There is no difference in the actual hot tub, the difference is only in the programming which is a simple task to reconfigure to 32amp supply.

What if Access ls a Problem?

As not everyone has a clear run of around a metre we often have to use lorry mounted crane's to lift hot tubs over walls or high fences. lf you are concemed your access may be a problem please feel free to email us over photos along with your contact details and we will work out the easiest way to get a hot tub into place. The email address to send them to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Breeze is a spacious five person 13amp plug & play family hot tub that offers exceptional value for money. With great features such as underwater multi-colored LED lighting, a soothing waterfall, maintenance free cabinet and Gecko components this spa will help create a superior backyard oasis. The powerful two-speed pump allows you to switch from a soft to deep tissue massage at the touch of a button. Its Plug-N-Play technology makes for an easy install, simply fill it up with a garden hose and plug it into any standard 13amp RCD protected socket to enjoy years of family fun.

Manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing in California, USA. Watkins are one of the premier manufacturer's of innovative, high quality, cost-effective portable spas and the industry leader in cutting-edge, rotational molding technology. We combine all the elements of an exceptional spa experience and give you a product that uses less energy and conforms to the stringent California Energy Commission mandates for hot tub energy consumption.


The Breeze comes with an excellent 2 years manufacturer's warranty from Watkins Manufacturing and outstanding back up service provided by ourselves. Our technical support line is open 6 days a week and we also have a technical support website complete with videos and all the answers to the most common watercare and technical queries available 24/7. We support this with a fleet of vans covering Scotland daily with each van carrying a full inventory of parts allowing any fault to be fixed quickly and efficiently.Full details of the warranty on the Breeze can be found here


This bullet list covers the most important aspects of the Breeze hot tub. Of course if you require any other information please feel free to call using the number at the top of the page.

  • Shell Dimensions: 87"x 77" x 34"
  • Volume: 1154 Litres
  • Dry Weight : 202kg
  • Seating: 6.
  • Manufactured By Watkins Wellness, USA
  • Exceeds CEC Energy Efficiency
  • 33 Powerful Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 2HP Hydrotherapy Pump
  • Available in both 13amp or 32amp
  • Multi colour changing LED Lighting
  • Cascade Waterfall
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabinet
  • Roksolid Durable Shell
  • Premium Insulated Cover With Childlocks
  • Outstanding Manufacturer Warranty