Hot Tubs For Holiday Lets

We have designed a range of hot tubs specifically for the holiday rental market that fully comply with HSG282 requirements, have user friendly controls, rugged construction and are 13amp plug and play.

What to look for in a holiday let/rental property hot tub?

When looking to purchase a hot tub for your holiday let or rental property there are a few things you may want consider.

HSG282 Compliant Sanitation 

Any hot tub thats used in a rental property must have in line sanitation fitted to comply with the Health and Safety HSG282 guidelines. With this in mind Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs have designed our Escape Compact and Escape Family models which come with Smart-Dose in line sanitation as standard. 

User Friendly Control Panel

We recommend that you choose a hot tub with a simplistic and user friendly keypad. The Escape Compact and Escape Family both have a simple 4 button control panel which only allows your guests to switch the jets on and off, lights on and off and adjust the temperature up and down. Some of our more advanced touch screen keypads on other models easily allow access to the settings menu which we have found can be issue in a holiday let environment as people like to play with buttons!!. The simple 4 button keypad is ideal for the holiday let market.

13amp or 32amp Power Supplies

Our holiday let range of hot tubs are designed to work on both 13amp and 32amp power supplies meaning you can simply plug these hot tubs in to a standard outdoor waterproof socket if you wish. 


Our Holiday Let Hot Tubs

Escape Compact

4 seats, 13amp plug and play,
Smartdose Inline Sanitation, 20 Jets
WAS £4,995 NOW £3,995

Compact design that offers exceptional value for money. Measuring 179cm x 155cm this a great rental market hot tub

Escape Family

6 Person hot tub, 13amp plug & play, Smartdose Inline Sanitation , 33 Jets
WAS £5,995 NOW £4,995

This is an ideal hot tub where space is limited. Measuring 176cm x 201cm this spa will fit in most places with ease.