32amp Luxury Hot Tubs

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Featured 32amp Luxury Hot Tub

Signature Legend

Top Specification Ultimate Luxury Power Machine
  • Super Luxury & Power
  • Massive Range Of Features
  • Full Stereo, WIFI, Bluetooth

About 32amp Luxury Hot Tubs

32amp Hot Tubs are the traditional hot tubs that come with all the bells and whistles. Commonly featuring more then one hot tub pump, water features, multiple synchronized LED lighting, outstanding sound systems, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity and much more. 

32amp Hot Tubs carry enough power to really push the full party piece. providing full control over any mood from chilled relaxation to out and out party mood. 

A 32amp hot tub is the perfect choice if you really want your hot tub to be the main event of your garden. 


Luxury Acrylic 32amp Hot Tubs


Our hot tubs pass the strictest insulation standards the States has to pass. The results in super low running costs. With a lower requirement for a constant heat source our hot tubs are fantastically economical to run.


A 32amp Hot Tub Benefits from full power. This not only lets the jets and the heater run simultaneously, it gives an amazing advantage when it comes to extra features such as advanced lighting and sound. 


Our luxury hot tubs are an acrylic gloss finish. Not only is this warm and comfortable to the touch is provides the best mood enhancement with a full cauldron effect from the full range of LED colour at night.

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