Winter Hot Tub Usage

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Welcome to Grizzly Bear's Blog

A nice long soak in a warm, bubbling hot tub.  After a long day at work or looking after the kids it’s relaxing and blissful at any time of year. When the weather takes a dip into chillier temperatures, winter hot tub usage can feel especially rejuvenating. The water warms your body and soothes your soul. 

However, during the autumn and winter months, you need to be extra careful. So take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe when using your hot tub. 

Regular safety procedures for hot tub use should be followed all year round. However, when the temperatures outside get a bit on the chilly side additional safety measures are needed. Here are the three most important ones to follow for safe enjoyment of your warm, peaceful aquatic heaven.

1. Uncover your hot tub taking extra care. 

If your hot tub has a lid or cover, remove it carefully. Depending on the condition of the cover, and if any weather-related debris (such as ice or snow) has accumulated on top it may be advisable to use gloves. Triple and quadruple check that you have completely removed any ice or snow before removing the lid or cover. Otherwise, ice or snow could have an unfortunate collision with some water—falling either into the hot tub or getting wet enough to freeze up on the cover or lid. 

2.  Plan your exit to keep you warm and dry. 

In the warmer months getting out of your hot tub does not usually involve a nasty temperature shock to the body. That’s not the case when the temperature takes a tumble. So before you allow yourself to sink into a bubbling pool of tranquillity prepare for when you’ll get out. Have a dry snuggly dressing gown or a large bath towel close enough for you to grab it with ease. It might also be worth keeping it on a chair or outdoor coat hook (if you’re fancy) to stop it from getting cold or damp. Now, what goes well with a snuggly dressing gown? Slippers! Not only will they keep your feet toastier warm they’ll also prevent any nasty slips or falls on potentially icy ground. If you’re enjoying your hot tub with friends, advise them to bring the same. 

If there is ice or ground frost on any surface you will be walking on, be especially careful about walking to and away from your spa or hot tub. Wear shoes or slippers that have a decent grip. This is imperative for when you are leaving the delights of the hot water and making a quick dash to get inside your warm house. Lastly, make sure you have dried your hands fully before you touch a metal doorknob or handle to go inside your home—or your skin could freeze to the metal!

3. Maintain the correct hot tub water temperature.

 Anytime you use a hot tub, water temperature is vital. The water in your hot tub water should be no more than 37-38 degrees. While relaxing in warm water, your body can’t regulate its temperature through perspiration. If the water temperature is too high, if you stay in it for too long, the dangers are real. You could become light-headed and faint. You can become drowsy, which may lead to unconsciousness, resulting in drowning.

In cold weather, you may be more inclined to raise the temperature by a degree or two. You may also be tempted to stay in the hot tub for longer than you normally would. DONT. 

Winter hot tub usage means your head and shoulders are exposed to chilly air that may confuse your sense of inner body temperature. You may feel like the water has cooled but you may be hotter than you realise. Be careful. When it’s frosty outside, limit your water temperature to 37 degrees and limit your soak time to 15 minutes. That’s if you are a healthy adult with no medical conditions or any medications that can affect how your body responds to high temperatures.

It’s also important to not rely solely on the hot tub thermostat for an accurate temperature read. Instead, check how hot the water actually is by using a pool thermometer. A final reminder. Just use common sense and observe the same kind of hot tub safety guidelines that you would for the rest of the year. For general hot tub safety tips, check out this website:

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog on Winter usage of Hot Tubs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our team on 01382 530220. 

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Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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