Can A Hot Tub Help you Through Flu?

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Yes is the answer, your hot tub can help ease the unpleasant symptoms of a cold and flu!
Here we have created to a few tips on how your hot tub can ease your symptoms until you feel well enough to party on in your hot tub once again.

1, Increase the heat
One of the ways that your hot tub can help is increasing the temperature of your hot tub to the hottest you are comfortable with, this will help you sweat out the cold and flu bug and aid the symptoms of your cold. So sit back relax and let your hot tub do all the hard work for you.

2, Ease your aches and painsblog
Of all the symptoms of cold n flu aches and pains throughout your body can be very uncomfortable. Jump in the hot tub and let the warm water and hydrotherapy do the work for you by increasing your circulation and massaging your tired muscles, relieving  muscle tension and reduce feelings of soreness and fatigue.

3, Drink plenty of water in the hot tub
While you have the cold and flu the best beverage to drink while in the hot tub is water, this will help hydrate your body and help you feel better quicker. It’s advised to drink plenty of water in and out of the hot tub. Avoid alcohol as this will dehydrate you and increase your chance of the cold and flu virus to sticking around a little longer.

4, Help you sleep
Believe it or not your hot tub is your best friend when it comes to helping you through the night and resting you enough to ensure you get a good nights sleep. If you use your hot tub for 20 minute bursts every 2-3 hours throughout the day and evening, this will increase your body temp and help you relax into the night and aid your symptoms enough to get a good nights rest.

5, Keep hot tub water clean
Keeping your hot tub water clean is key to helping your immune system fight off the virus. Check your chemical levels with a test strip before entering the hot tub, ensuring all the PH levels are good to go.

6, Blocked or stuffy nose
Cold and flu does a good job of blocking your nose and air passage and making you feel worse, this can cause tension in your neck and back making it difficult to breathe, sleep and eat.
A dip in the tub will make all the difference, as the heated steam can help unblock your airways, the massage will help relieve the tension from your head and help you sleep and eat much better.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have got some handy tips to help you through the next cold and flu, by using yes your hot tub!
With the added advantages of also helping with  blocked nose, sleep, aches & pains, you will feel that you wouldn’t be without your hot tub the next time cold or flu strikes.
Please note that this article is not medical advise, please seek professional advise from your Dr if your symptoms persist.

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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