Hot Tub Party Guide

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Hello and welcome to Grizzly Bear Hot tubs, hot tub party guide blog post.

In this blog we are going to give you some tips to make your Hot tub party the best ever!
With summer just around the corner, now is the time to get organised.
One of the best ways to get the most out of your hot tub is to throw a hot tub party for all your family and friends, you can show off your Grizzly Bear tub and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Getting your hot tub water ready for your guests is very important, you want to show off your hot tub and make people want to jump right in and enjoy the lovely warm water. Give your tub a spa shock the night before the party and just before your guests arrive to ensure perfect clear water that everyone will love.

Make sure your spa is at ideal temperature, not to hot or cool, bear in mind that lots of people in the tub and the cover being removed for long periods will naturally bring the temperature down slightly, so keep your eye on the control panel throughout the party to keep your guests enjoying optimum warm water pleasure.

Have some matts or something similar down around the tub for people to wipe their feet on when getting in and out of the tub to prevent grass, dirt and stones getting into the water, this will make it easier to clean your hot tub the next day. Have your spa steps ready to help people in and out of the tub to ensure the safety of everyone.

Give your garden the once over, make sure before your guests arrive that the garden is tidy, the grass is cut (if you have grass), tidy away rubbish or clutter, having a tidy garden will be one less thing to worry about when the party is in full blog2

Give your tub a wipe down, check the chem levels before use, if you need any help or advice please feel free to call us on 01382 530220. We are open 7 days a week.

How many seats does your spa have, 4,5,6,or 7, your hot tub can only hold so many people comfortably, so bear that in mind when inviting people. You may want to have lots of people around in the garden etc or you may want to host a more intimate hot tub party with only a few select guests?, the choice is yours, that’s the beauty of owning your own hot tub!!

Having other things to do in and around the garden and hot tub will solve the problem of lots of people, make sure everyone gets to spend quality time in the tub, but having card games or board games on hand to entertain your guests while the others enjoy the spa. Twister or giant jenga always go down well and its lots of fun.

*top tip- Have lots of plastic glasses & tumblers on hand for guests to use, as a smashed glass in the tub will bring an abrupt end to your hot tub party.

Music is a must!

Music at any part is essential! Play music straight from your hot tub or set up a music player outside. Get a playlist together to stream from your phone to your hot tub or have your favorite cd on hand. Invite your guests to bring along any music or playlists that they enjoy, this will make sure that everyone has a good time.

Have a table set up nearby with towels available to use for those that want to take a break from the hot tub, an outside heater may come in handy if its a particular chilly day/night.

*top tip- Encourage people to seat swap within the spa, giving everyone a chance with the lounger or the captain seats and the amazing hydrotherapy jets, and remember as the host you cant hog the best seats!

*top tip- Show off the hydrotherapy jets to your friends, there’s nothing like a good  hydrotherapy massage to get your friends feeling on top of the  world.

Food & Drink

If you drinking alcohol at the party it’s best if you take a dip first as the warm water of the hot tub will make you feel a little woozy and even up your chances of a hangover the next day!! ( drinking alcohol in the tub is not recommended)
Ensure you provide plenty of water and other non alcoholic drinks too for your guests. Decide weather children will be attending the party? or will it be an adults only occasion? Make sure there are plenty of soft drinks on blog

Get the cocktails at the ready!!
Everyone loves a good cocktail or even mock-tails for the non drinkers. Have you got a spa bar for your hot tub, these come in very handy to use in the spa.

*top tip- A barbecue will be a great addition to any hot tub party.

After all the enjoyment of the hot tub, a few nibbles or a food table will go down a treat with your guests, set up a small table before your guests arrive, you could even ask guests to bring along a contribution plate, this ensures a wide variety of food available without you having to do it!

Decorating the area is a great way to create a mood for a party, you could even do a themed party like 80’s, Mexican, Hollywood idols etc, or just add general decorations, fairy lights, lanterns, whatever you decide your guests will have a fabulous time.

Be prepared for the unprepared guests!

Don’t let guests get away with forgetting there swimsuits etc, for some reason people wont bring a swimsuit or towel but that’s ok, just make sure to plan ahead with a couple of extra swimsuits and shorts & t-shirts and plenty of extra towels, by doing this you’ll make sure that everyone can if they want to join in the hot tub fun. The hostess/host with the most is always a winner!

Keep it Clean

Don’t forget after all that fun and enjoyment your hot tub will need a good clean. Make sure your stocked up on all your chemicals and cleaning products, cleaning a hot tub with a hangover in the sunshine the next day will be a special treat for you !

Have you thrown a hot tub party before? Tell us your best advice for making a hot tub party a success in the comments.

Thank you for reading our Hot Tub party blog post, we hope you found some useful tips and advice to help you throw the ultimate party for all your friends and family.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Grizzly Bear Hot Tub Company, either by phone on 01382 530220 or our website, if you have any questions about your Hot tub, or are looking for a new addition to your garden, our friendly team will be happy to help!
You can also find us on social media, FacebookInstagramTwitter .

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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