Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

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Winter is such a great time for using your hot tub. Hopping into steaming hot water after a bracing dash through the cold winter air is a great experience.

During winter you can have your water temperature up at 39 or 40 degrees resulting in a relaxing, deep and warming soak.

Soaking in water can aid in stress relief due to the warm temperatures and the ambiance of a moving body of water relaxing the mind and the central nervous system. The hot water also increases circulation, which relaxes muscles and can lower blood pressure through the dilation of blood vessels that occurs. Increasing your body temperature can also help with insomnia by raising the body’s core temperature, which then drops quickly after the spa leaving you lovely and sleepy.

In winter a hot tub can keep those winter blues away too. A cold and dark back garden is usually an uninviting place but countless homes across the country are transforming their outdoor living spaces into into wonderful little relaxation zones. Suddenly a garden is a place you enjoy for 12 months of the year. A few touches of subtle lighting and you have your own little luxury oasis ready and waiting  7 days a week.

Many people ask if they should turn the hot tub down in the Winter but there really isn’t much need to. With the standards of insulation in hot tubs these days the colder months of the year don’t increase running costs as you might expect. They can take a lot and while you might see a hot tub running costs increase by up-to 20% in the colder months, you’re still only looking at around £1.20 per day.

If, for whatever reason, you absolutely need to drain your hot tub for a few months then please do give Grizzly Bear hot Tubs a call on 01382 530 220.
Either way. Keep warm and have a great winter!

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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