Preparing Your Garden for a Hot Tub

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Hello and welcome to our prepare your garden blog, there are a few things that will need your attention when purchasing your hot tub , here we will go through some points that may help.

The positioning of your Hot Tub

The positioning of your Hot Tub is very important as there are a lot of factors that must be considered. Firstly choose an area of your garden that you think would be best, take into consideration that you may want to be nearer to your house for changing in and out of the tub. Also remember you might not want to be overlooked by neighbors.

When trying to decide the best place for your Hot Tub think about the seasons and the weather throughout the year as this could impact on your enjoyment of using your tub in the colder months, it’s nice to have a nice open area in the summer months but in the winter you may not want to be so open to the elements. Do you require shade in the summer or prefer a perfect sun spot? it may seem trivial at the time but deciding to re position your tub after a few months could be time consuming and costly.
Nobody wants grass or stones getting into their spa, have a clear area in front of the tub for getting in and out to prevent your water needing to be changed regularly. Falling leaves in autumn can sometimes be a nuisance so bear this in mind when positioning your Hot Tub.

Access to the spa & base

When deciding on the perfect space for your new Hot Tub you must ensure that you keep enough space around the tub so it can be serviced or fixed by one of our engineers should the need arise in the future. We recommend a 50 cm clearance all the way around the tub to allow access to operate the cover lifter and also for cleaning. If you decide you would like decking around the tub or you have decking already in place this is not a problem but please make sure that 50 cm of decking around the Hot Tub is removable.
All our hot tubs feature a tough ever last  ABS self supporting plastic base which will spread the weight of the tub evenly over the whole area.
This will allow the spa to be placed straight onto any firm, flat level base with slabs, concrete and decking are also suitable bases.

Delivery & Installation requirements

We require a clear run of 1 meter wide from the roadside to the final position of your Hot Tub, have a look around your garden & access route and check to see if there are any branches or low roofs that will hinder vertical clearance, ensure that nothing is protruding such as drainage pipes or sills that could prevent the smooth path through to your garden. When measuring also take into account gate posts, steps, over hanging fascias, boiler flues etc. If you are unsure or have an issue with the access route please feel free to email photos to and one of our installation team will be happy to have a look and advise the best way forward.

We deliver our hot tubs using a Spa Dolly which is an American system specifically designed for the delivery and installation of hot tubs. The Spa Dolly tips the hot tub onto its side on the spa cart which has steering front and rear to allow our technicians to wheel your hot tub into position on its side.
We then inflate an airbag, push the hot tub onto the airbag which then deflates and gently lowers the hot tub to the base provided.
We have a fleet of trucks, vans and Spa Dolly’s covering Scotland 5 days per week.

When you buy a hot tub from Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs you can be assured of professional installation by one of our in-house installation teams. All of our technicians are factory trained in all aspects of the installation and maintenance of our hot tubs and each hot tub we sell comes complete with free mainland delivery and commissioning, meaning our technicians will get your hot tub into position, fill the hot tub, carry out the required checks before giving you an easy to understand course on how to operate and maintain your new hot tub.
Your hot tub will be bubbling away before our technicians leave your home. The complete installation service from start to finish and included with everKate Bottley hot tub.

As not everyone has a clear run of around a meter we often have to use lorry mounted crane’s to lift hot tubs over walls or high fences. lf you are concerned your access may be a problem please feel free to email us over photos along with your contact details and we will work out the easiest way to get a hot tub into place.
The email address to send them to is

Electrical Requirements

Information for 13 amp power supplies:

Our Signature 3, Signature 4, Escape 3, Escape 5 & Escape 8 models can all run on a 13 amp supply. A 13 amp plug and play hot tub will require a RCD protected socket to be situated 3 meters away from the hot tub. The hot tub will come complete with a cable and plug attached, ready to plug in.

Information for 32 amp power supplies:

A 32 amp power supply will require a RCD protected cable with a type C breaker to be be run to a commando socket located around 3 meters away from your hot tub. We also require the commando plug to be pre- wired to SY Flex cable leaving an 8 meter tail. This extra long tail is to allow for the perfect siting of your hot tub.

Thank you for taking the time to read our prepare your garden blog, if you would like any more information on any of our hot tubs or have any questions about preparing your garden, please feel free to make a comment on our blog or call our team in Carnoustie on 01382 530220.

Our team are on hand 7 days a week or alternatively visit our website

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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