Enjoying Your Hot Tub in the Rain

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Hello and welcome to our rainy blog post, here we will go through some handy simple tips to enjoying your Hot Tub even in the rain!

Firstly we all love our hot tubs in all weather throughout the year but in the rain??

Yes even in the rain you can continue to feel the wonderful benefits that your hot tub provides. Rain can offer you an amazing hot tub experience if you do it the right way.


1.  Put your towels and bathrobes in the dryer, before getting into the hot tub.

This is a handy trick that will work for the winter months also, putting your towels and bathrobes into the tumble dryer to warm up for when you are ready to come out of the hot tub, or even an airing cupboard will do the trick.bathrobe - blog

This handy little tip will enhance your hot tub into a soothing experience and make getting out of the hot tub no longer a chore but a welcome added luxury.

2. Make a hot chocolate/drink

Enjoying a nice warm drink of your choice in the hot tub will ensure that your whole body enjoys the benefits. Once you start sipping on your hot drink, your entire body will feel wonderfully relaxed.

Remember not to use glass in your hot tub for your drink.

3. Wear slippers getting in and out to prevent slipping in the rain. 

To reduce the risk of slipping in the rain and hurting yourself, have your slippers handy to pop on and off when walking to and from the spa, use your steps to store them while you soak in the hot tub.slipperrs

Using your slippers or shoes will also keep your feet warm from the cold weather or rain.

4. Umbrellas at the ready

Hearing raindrops hit the ground all around you is relaxing, having them hit you in the face may not be as nice. Luckily, the latter is easy to avoid.rainy day grizz post

All you have to do is bring your umbrella out with you and lay its handle in your hand while you are soaking.

If you want a more hands-free hot tub experience, you can either buy an outdoor market umbrella that will stand over the hot tub corner and cover you, or you can simply wear a large-brimmed hat.


5. Aromatherapy crystals

Adding a nice aromatherapy smellie to the water is another way of getting the most out of your hot tub in all weather.

The aromatherapy scents are made using natural salt crystals soaked in essential oils. The natural salt dissolves ansmeeliesd softens your skin. Create your desired strength of stress relieving scent. Just lay back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.

See some of Grizzly bear’s selection of scents here  .

6. Moisturizer is a must 

If it’s really cold outside and you have sensitive skin, make sure to apply moisturizer designed for cold weather. This will protect your skin from the low temperature, keeping it from drying and cracking.

Products with a cream base are better for your skin in the cold than those that are lotions.

After you apply your moisturizer, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands so that you avoid getting any in the hot tub. You should also keep your face above water while you have moisturizer on it.


If you follow these tips, you are sure to have one of the most soothing hot tub experiences possible. Do you have any more tips for spending time in the hot tub while it’s raining? We would love to hear them!

Thank you for taking the time to read our rainy day blog post, keep up to date with all Grizzly Bear news either through social media or our website.


Anne-Marie ENGLAND

Anne-Marie ENGLAND

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